Industry Experts Launch VideoMojo™, Groundbreaking New Video Service for Technology Integrators to Share all the Amazing Things They Do Best

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Industry Experts Launch VideoMojo™, Groundbreaking New Video Service for Technology Integrators to Share all the Amazing Things They Do Best

New Video Packages ‘Answer the Bell’ on Integrators’ Huge Appetite for Personalized, Immersive Videos Without Expensive, Time-Consuming Onsite Shoots

NEW YORK — August 22, 2023 — CATalyzing Communications, Inc., well-known industry leader in full-service, customized brand and marketing services for Integrators, Manufacturers, buying groups and magazines, today announced VideoMojo™, a new video service made for technology Integrators and Manufacturers to address exponentially growing needs. VideoMojo merges all the power of high-impact, dynamic video and clear storytelling with the ease and economy of videos that are produced without onsite shoots. The game changing service enables Integrators to now get their own personalized, beautiful, high-quality videos quickly while sharing their specific company brand and services with design-build partners and customers across every digital platform. VideoMojo is the brainchild of respected industry veterans Cat Toomey, CEO of CATalyzing Communications, Franklin Karp, Founder of Franklin Karp & Co, and John Frattasi, Principal of Gusto Media and New York City-based video producer.

Already serving Dealers across the country, VideoMojo leverages an exciting and extensive technology-focused library of premium video footage across key categories and brands including lighting, shading, smart home and more, that can be personalized as desired. By bringing this collection of footage together with other exciting video graphics, music, vendors footage and Dealers’ own information, VideoMojo puts powerful video solutions and experiences within the reach of all technology companies.

Founded by three passionate, recognized industry experts, VideoMojo thrives on the concept that, “Branding is all about sharing your unique brand voice and story through the most visual, impactful method available.” The ground-breaking solution is the result of personal conversations with Dealers and Manufacturers over years and was created to address one of the industry’s biggest needs. The trio of Toomey, Karp, and Frattasi intimately understands the 360-degree world of Integrators, Manufacturers, trade partners and high-end clients. Backed by a staff of expert creative types, the team is excited to assist the technology community with the next generation video platform.

“Effective branding requires quality and authenticity,” shares Cat Toomey, Cofounder of VideoMojo. “Integrators are craving, and deserve, personalized, thoughtful, well-crafted video that reflects who they are in their local market and that sets them apart from competitors. Most Dealers understand the importance of video, which connects with consumers in a way no other method can, but too often are forced by time and cost to settle or forsake their individual personality or give up on telling their incredible story. We’re on a mission to make the highest-quality video product more accessible to our entire industry, and VideoMojo delivers exactly that.”

“Integrators can now have bespoke rather than off the shelf videos at a price that makes sense,” adds Franklin Karp. “This team is comprised of some of the most consultative, hands-on industry resources, who aligned to make videos match the spirit of custom installation. In my experience, Integrators and Manufacturers seek compelling content but lack the time and resources to produce their own professional videos that reflect what they do. This is what prompted us to combine forces and bring our community a more potent, accessible alternative.”

VideoMojo offers three production level packages to make it easy for any Dealer to get started. The expert team handles every aspect start to finish, saving busy Integrators time and expense. Depending upon package, content can be delivered in full and shorter length versions, in a variety of formats, and optimized for use on all digital platforms. One package includes a handy subscription-based approach for Dealers seeking to have ongoing short, branded videos on a regular basis for e-newsletters, social media, blogs, showrooms and digital ads.

In addition to the packaged solutions, VideoMojo can also provide on-location photography and video production services for technology companies. VideoMojo is also available to industry Manufacturers and Buying Groups who may want to contribute to their video library or add to their own assets for their Integrators’ use. Brands not already in the library may contact [email protected].

VideoMojo services are available now and can be seen at CEDIA Expo 2023 and online at Contact the VideoMojo team at [email protected] to set your appointment today.

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